Krysten is the granddaughter of the iconic Evel Knievel and the daughter of Robbie Knievel, who followed in his father’s footsteps as a daredevil.  While she has chosen a different career path than her father and grandfather, Krysten has still become a celebrity in her own right.  She is an accomplished singer and has performed the national anthem at some of the nation’s largest venues; including NBA playoff games.

She also serves as the spokesperson for the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation, the disease that stole Evel away from the world.  She recently starred in a PSA for the Foundation and is also the head of the planning committee for a large fund raising event in Las Vegas that will raise funds to build Evel Knievel Pulmonary Centers at National Jewish Health and the University of Washington.

  1. Thanks Kristin for being the spokesperson and raising awareness to IPF. We just lost our mother, Sara Lou Kessler at the age of 66 at the end of October. We were told on a Monday of the diagnosis and she passed 6 days later as we were unaware she was at end stage. We were told it was asthma and allergies.

    I’m an artist and just completed a series called “Breathe” which is installed at Lesley Anton’s studio in LA http://lesleyanton.com/ during December to February 2011. Stop in to see if you are still in Los Angeles. Here’s the Facebook link:


    Thanks again for your efforts.


    Tracey Kessler

  2. You are so welcome Tracey! So glad you stopped by to check this out. Thank you so much 🙂

  3. BRUCE says:

    Krysten, Thanks for fighting for me and every body else who has Pulmonary Fibrosis. I have been fighting lung diseases since 2003 when I worked for a company named MAYSTEEL in Wisconsin. The oils we sprayed on the steel have been making me sick and even when my work lace was sent a letter from my doctors telling them that If I was not moved to a clean air work station that my lung disease that started out as HYPERSENSITIVITY PNEUMONITIS (HP)would progress to PULMONARY FIBROSIS. Well 2 years later after being exposed to the oils that after being tested were found to have parasites in the oils just like IN the molds that cause HP. I am Oxygen just like your grandpa. I have 5 kids and 9 grand children most that are way to young to remember me their grandpa if I would loose this fight to soon. I have been working on a way to draw some attn of the car builders and car hobby folks with what is now called PROJECT BREATHLESS my 1972 GRAN TORINO SPORT that has been with me since 1977 but I have not been able to drive her for over 30 years now. If you would like to learn more or see PROJECT BREATHLESS you can GOOGLE PROJECT BREATHLESS and you will find a link to her at the HUBGARAGE.COM web site. I am so sorry to say that she is on hold again because I have run out of things to sell and all of my funeral money has been used up but just about everything has been bought to finish her between boy work and labor to get the engine in and parts I have over $45,000 into her already but have failed every one just falling short of finishing her because I can not do the work my self. I just need to find some helpful smart car guys who would donate just their time to finish her off before my time runs out. My plans were to do the 2011 HOT ROD MAGAZINES POWER TOUR to draw some attn to Pulmonary Fibrosis but this looks like just another PRAYER THAT WILL BE UNANSWERED.

  4. joe harris says:

    you are such an inspiration to everyone. I see you were recently in Florida. Next time your by Sarasota i’d love to meet you

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